Alignment and flexibility are keys to success in the service industry and NAVS excels in these areas.

Our fleet account managers oversee each press vehicle throughout the duration of its loan life and fulfill billing, logistic and administrative functions related to the fleet.

Ignition occurs before the rubber meets the road: specialized NAVS staff works tirelessly to prime each model for a stellar performance during media test drives. Our NAVS online database provides clients 24-hour client access to detailed fleet management records and facilitates communication with account managers. Our list of service offerings to clients is comprehensive:

All NAVS’ offices are fully-insured, fire-suppressed and alarm-equipped

Fleet Management:
NAVS management of press vehicles is the standard of the industry

Specialized Transport:
NAVS is experienced in handling concept and customized vehicle needs via secure, climate controlled and experienced sources.   

Vehicle Preparation:
Each press vehicle is thoroughly inspected to enhance performance and appearance, as well as ensuring each vehicle is in peak operating condition

Account Management:
NAVS assigns experienced staff member(s) to each product line who act as a liaison between the manufacturing client and the journalist community

Media Events:
The NAVS team leads the industry in planning and implementing innovative media ride & drives, launches and events

Media Relations:
Whenever possible, journalists are queried on any deficiencies they noticed in the vehicles and are also encouraged to contact management to voice any concerns or suggestions directly to NAVS management. Regional media outlets are tracked to find placements from various journalists within the geographic area

Detailed Administration:
Fleet maintenance and service logs are posted to NAVS’ online database. These are shared with the client

Service, registration and insurance files are maintained throughout each vehicle’s lifecycle.